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At Firm Futures, we have one primary goal – to empower people with knowledge, skills and financial literacy. Based on research data by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, 63% of Americans are financially illiterate. We strive each day to change that narrative one service and presentation at a time. 

At Firm Futures, we help people help themselves. 

We are helping our clients to reach their goals by providing them with resume writing and revision services, personal and business credit consultation and repair, investing consultations, business plan structuring, mock interviews, and a host of other services. 

We are helping our clients reach their goals by delivering financial presentations to facilitate understandings of business and personal credit, debt reduction, banking services, saving and paying for college, investments, retirement accounts, consumer rights, and budgeting. 

We are helping small businesses initiate POS systems, prepare financial statements, budgets, forecasts, assess risk, manage payables and receivables, develop or revise business plans, and expand their business ventures.

We believe in supporting this nation’s economic growth by working to increase financial literacy percentages that we believe has played a key role in the national debt crisis. 

As CEO of Firm Futures, LLC., I am committed to building partnerships that leverage our resources. I am also committed to leading an organization that has the courage and dedication to be an advocate for all low and middle-income individuals. My personal experiences in the Milwaukee area gave me the drive to develop professionally and educationally in Finance and Accounting so that I may pass this knowledge on to my community.

Marquita L. Nash - CEO

A.A.S. - Accounting

B.B.A. - Accounting

M.S. - Finance

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