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Presentations are delivered in one or two-hour time increments and are accompanied by a PowerPoint. They can be attended in-person or by way of a live streaming option.

Light snacks and refreshments are always served.

Presentation topics can be customized to your satisfaction and can be delivered to any size group. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Credit - This presentation is designed to serve as a personal credit and repair overview. It will cover credit scores, credit utilization, credit bureaus, credit reports, the credit mix, debt reduction, loan consolidation, dispute letters, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and more.

  • Business Credit - This presentation is all about building and establishing a legally recognizable business, and developing business credit. It will cover the generation of open vendor accounts, registering with the state, Federal Employer ID numbers, Dun and Bradstreet, business checking/savings accounts, and more.

  • Invest The Rest - This presentation is designed to provide a complete and comprehensive understanding of financial investments. It covers retirement accounts (IRAs and 401(k)), stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, and more.

  • Saving and Paying for College - This presentation is geared toward students and parents. It covers personal budgets, student loans, interest, grants, scholarships, investments and interest earning accounts, financial aid, work study, and more.

  • Personal Budgets - This presentation is all about day-to-day finances. It teaches about to creating and updating a budget, the 50-30-20 rule, savings accounts with interest rates, debt reduction, impulse spending, tracking spreadsheets, credit cards, savings plans, consumer rights, emergency funds, needs vs wants, and more.

  • Bank on It - This presentation is all about the banking industry. It teaches how to choose and keep a checking account, why you should save, installment loans (including car and student loans), the FDIC, home ownership, online banking, overdraft fees, check systems, and more.

  • Real Estate Finance - This presentation is all about the numbers behind investing in real estate. We'll discuss internal rate of returns, return on equity, valuation methods, net present value, calculating a monthly mortgage payment, amortization schedules, cash flow determinants, and more.

Visit the Contact Us section to book a presentation for your group!

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